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Lighthouse Drive In is GGHI’s Business of the Month

Greater Grays Harbor is pleased to announce that Lighthouse Drive-In is our Business of the Month for September, 2014.

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GGHI supports Public Hospital District #2

If Grays Harbor Community Hospital does not become a public hospital, our economic health will be in jeopardy. That is why the board of Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. has voted to support the formation of Grays Harbor Public Hospital District #2.

Greater Grays Harbor Selects New CEO

Andre “Dru” Garson was offered and has accepted the position of CEO of Greater Grays Harbor, Inc.

Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. has released the 2014 Economic Vitality Index!

Check trends for economic indicators over the years in a simple, clean format!

Energy Program Saves You Watts of Money

Find out how GGHI’s new energy division can reduce business overhead and empower residents to reduce their energy bills.


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