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Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. wants your business to grow and prosper, and so do our local governments and agencies. Whether it's helping to find employees, resolving regulatory problems, analyzing operations for effectiveness or just getting a business started, we provide consulting services for your successful efforts.

Impact Washington

Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. serves as a representative for Impact Washington, a not-for-profit Washington organization that aims to make Washington manufacturers more competitive.

Impact Washington is a source for training in lean manufacturing methods, and it has resources to help you with sustainability, workforce training and many other topics.

Visit their website or contact us for more information and a free consultation.


Permitting in Grays Harbor County depends upon your specific company’s needs, and we can help you navigate the red tape you encounter.

Here are some very general guidelines for project permitting in Grays Harbor County. A specific company, its products, and waste-stream, exhaust, water needs and soil-loading requirements will affect the following timelines given.

SEPA Checklist

SEPA (Washington State Environmental Policy Act) is a checklist that must be completed and given to the proper city or county controlling agency for its review and determination. The checklist includes building drawings, engineering drawings, storm water requirements, etc. One of three possible findings is made by the controlling agency: DNS (Determination of Non-Significance) that usually takes about 14 days, or MDNS (Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance), or EIS (Environmental Impact Statement), a very detailed impact analysis.

JARPA Permit Application

JARPA (Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application) is required whenever the project is near a water source. The joint application includes shoreline, clean air, waste, fish and wildlife, and other permits. Fortunately, JARPA can be done in parallel with SEPA.

JARPA Oversight: The Department of Ecology has oversight responsibility for the checklists and permits for all projects requiring JARPA. Therefore it is important to include DOE from the very beginning of the project. It is also important to include the Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Department of Natural Resources since these agencies often have overlapping responsibilities with DOE.

Building permits

Building permits should always be applied for in parallel with SEPA and JARPA at the city’s permitting office of your business location or with the county.

For more detailed information about a specific project, please contact us.