Grays Harbor County offers easy access to all forms of transportation and is ideally suited for companies requiring multiple modes for transportation to Asia and the rest of the United States. The entire transportation system (land, sea, and air) ranks higher than 82 percent of American locales for effectiveness and ease of transport.


The gem of the County is its deep-water port, which is a full day closer to Asia than any other continental U.S. port. The Port of Grays Harbor is maintained at >36 mllw (mean low low water depth) in the main channel with a sea cargo operation and an activated Foreign Trade Zone. It is the only deep water port on Washington's Pacific Coast.

Boasting four marine terminals, the Port of Grays Harbor is a full service, international gateway offering on-dock rail access, warehousing, upland cargo storage and an experienced labor force. It is served by competitively priced full-service rail and a four-lane highway to Interstate 5 at Olympia, and an airport with a 5,000 jet-capable runway and ILS services.


The Puget Sound and Pacific Railroad is a Washington shortline that operates daily on 60 miles of track in the county and interchanges with both the Burlington Northern and Union Pacific Railroads. Having the capability to interchange with both these railroads provides very competitive freight rates to destination service throughout the United States. Puget Sound and Pacific is a subsidiary of RailAmerica, which owns 39 railroads and control 11,000 miles of track in four countries.


Grays Harbor County's uncongested transportation routes deliver your products to market without the congestion of urban areas. There are 218 miles of state highway in the county. State Hwy 8/U.S. Hwy 12 connecting the Port with Olympia at I-5 is at only 20 percent capacity as compared with I-5, which is often over 90 percent capacity in many areas of Puget Sound. Five major highways converge within the county to provide easy, uncongested access to all communities.


Bowerman Airport, located on the bay in Hoquiam, has a 5,000 foot jet-capable runway and full ILS navigational services. FedEx uses Bowerman Airport as part of its air delivery service. Other public airports include one in Elma, which is adjacent to the Satsop Business Park, one in Ocean Shores and one in Westport. Major airport facilities and commercial airlines are available at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, an hour and a half from downtown Aberdeen, and Portland International Airport, which is less than 3 hours by Interstate 5. For more county airport information, click airports.


There are 14 trucking firms offering long-haul service and another 6 that provide local cartage. With the heavy volume of lumber shipped to and from Grays Harbor, numerous independent truckers also serve the area on a regular basis. Grays Harbor is served by United Parcel Service, Federal Express and other overnight and ground shipping companies.