Electric rates in Grays Harbor County are among the lowest in the nation, and are competitive even in Washington State. Electricity is provided by Grays Harbor Public Utility District throughout the County. The City of McCleary provides power to the residents and businesses within its boundaries. For industrial customers, the PUD will purchase power on the open market and pass the savings onto the company. For more electrical rate information visit the Grays Harbor PUD.

Natural Gas

Cascade Natural Gas Corporation distributes natural gas in Grays Harbor County and provides service to most parts of the county. For more information visit the Cascade Natural Gas website.


The City of Aberdeen provides high quality industrial water to Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Port businesses at a substantially lower rate than other communities provide. The industrial waterline has up to 10 million gallons per day of excess capacity. Each community has its own potable water facilities.


Most cities handle their own wastewater collection system and have the capacity to handle water intensive industries.


Grays Harbor County connects you to the world via high technology infrastructure and service. OC48 telecommunication capabilities and 72 strand fiber optic lines throughout the county offer connectivity, redundancy and security. Businesses can take advantage of a secure co-location facility with expandable cabinet space and digital microwave, copper and traditional telephone connectivity for back-up. CenturyLink, Verizon and Qwest handle fixed telephone needs. Cellular telephone is provided by Verizon, NexTel, TMobile, Cingular and Qwest. Local Internet service providers include TSS and GH Online. High speed internet access is available nearly everywhere.

Grays Harbor County has a remarkable telecommunication network created by public and private sector providers. The wide area networks are designed with redundancy providing exceptional up-time in the event of a disaster or an emergency situation. We can assist your company in acquiring voice, data and storage requirements from our telecommunication providers.


The area’s backbone includes the publicly owned 72-strand fiber optic line that runs from the main facilities on the I-5 corridor into Aberdeen and digital transmission owned by private telecommunications companies.

  • The backbone's large bandwidth provides high-speed access with redundancy and backup at very reasonable costs. The OC48 technology is capable of transmitting data at speeds required for your business. With diverse paths into Grays Harbor and between telecommunication carrier’s backbones, our network is reliable.
  • Both the Public Utility District (PUD) and the Satsop Business Park (PDA) are connected to the area network.
  • Three private telecommunications companies provide access and have back-up copper, microwave and fiber optic lines running throughout the county.
  • Grays Harbor County has three cable providers; one also uses their lines for telecommunication access.
  • Microwave systems are in place at Satsop and other locations throughout the county.
  • Wireless Internet technology (WISP) is available along with a growing number of unrestricted wireless access points.

Co-location Facilities

There are co-location facilities within the County at the PUD and TechTel at the Satsop Business Park (PDA) located in Elma.

Internet Service Providers

Multiple ISPs are in the area providing Internet access including TSS, ReachONE, US Dish, Comcast cable, Coast Communications Co., and telephone company DSL services. In addition there are wireless/satellite internet access providers, namely Clearwire, HughsNet satellite, and cellular mobile broadband from Sprint/Nextel and Verizon.

Telecommunication providers

Qwest, CenturyLink, Verizon, ReachONE, Coast Communications Co., Comcast and Frontier Communications are the private providers.

Wireless providers

All major cellular service providers offer coverage in Grays Harbor County, including Alltel, AT&T, Cingular, Nextel, Qwest, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular.


Many types of backup are available. Looped fiber optic systems exist throughout the county as well as copper, microwave, wireless, and cable systems. Local co-location facilities have generator backup.

Network Operations Center

TechTell provides a 24/7 NOC at the Satsop Business Park site for the PDA and many local, national and international users.

Network Users

TechTell, ReachONE, Grays Harbor County, Aberdeen School and Police, and banks are among a growing number of entities taking advantage of our superior network capabilities.