Financial, Insurance and Real Estate

Within Grays Harbor County, there are 11 banks and savings and loans located in 35 offices. There are also 7 public and private credit unions in 12 offices, 5 mortgage companies and 6 investment offices. Insurance is handled by over 40 insurance offices representing most insurance companies and insurance types. There are also over 20 real estate companies with branch offices located throughout the county.

Health Care

Grays Harbor is home to more than 100 physicians, dentists, chiropractors and pharmacists. Over 500 emergency responders provide access to two hospitals, four nursing homes and several clinics.

The Grays Harbor Community Hospital located in Aberdeen, is a 259 bed, Level 3 Trauma care facility with a New state-of-the-art 24/7 Emergency Department. Services include cardio care, a family birthing center, a newly remodeled Imaging Department with a 64-slice CT Scanner, and many other healthcare services.

Mark Reed Hospital on the east side of the county in McCleary is a 25-bed facility offering emergency, lab, x-ray, inpatient and primary care clinics. A new, state-of-the-art replacement facility is being built in Elma, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.

The county's clinics provide cardiology, allergy, dermatology, pulmonary, nephrology, endoscope, oncology and pain care. Patients needing more specialized care are transported by ambulance or life flight to Olympia and Seattle hospitals. There are more than 500 long-term nursing care beds available throughout our County.

Public Transportation

The Grays Harbor Transportation Authority provides a county-wide bus transit system connecting the entire county with daily bus schedules. Residents and visitors alike praise the system for its service, efficiency and Dial-a-Ride convenience.

Taxi service is available in population centers and many car dealers provide late model rental cars at reasonable rates.


There are 104 churches in Grays Harbor County representing a variety of faiths and beliefs.


In addition to local and mail delivery of out-of-area and national newspapers, the area enjoys several fine local papers. The area also receives a full range of private and public radio broadcasts in addition to those generated locally. Coast Communications in Ocean Shores and Comcast Cable in the remainder of the county provide more than 150 cable TV channels. High speed internet is available through multiple providers.

Newspaper and radio stations.