Seabrook Community Foundation Ends Year With Grants and Appreciation

December 2015 - Seabrook Community Foundation awarded grant recipients $25,000 at their final board meeting of the year. A total of over $150,000 was awarded for the 2015 fiscal year.

Additionally, the foundation board members were touched by notes of appreciation from previous grant recipients.

Acknowledgements and thanks were received from:
Coastal Harvest, a food distribution warehouse serving southwest Washington, presented the Seabrook Community Foundation with a plaque of thanks. Coastal Harvest was a recipient of a recent grant and the beneficiary of a charity dinner held at Seabrook Town Hall in September.

The Seabrook Community Foundation board was thrilled to receive thank you letters from elementary school students describing their educational day trip aboard the tall ship, The Lady Washington. Classes from Pacific Beach Elementary school and Robert Gray Elementary school learned different aspects of maritime history, trade and commerce, and aspects of the life of a sailor. Each student took time to write a thank you letter, all mentioning one aspect that they found most interesting. Many of these notes included hand drawn pictures. The board appreciated the time the students and their teachers took to express their gratitude.

Grants were awarded to the following organizations and programs.

Grays Harbor College, Food for Thought: This program, started by the TRiO office at GHC, provides on-the-go meals for students who are in need. The popular program quickly outgrew the small space where they started and has expanded to three locations on campus. This grant will allow Food for Thought to expand to a much needed fourth location. The Food for Thought program is an example of local action making a difference for people. The foundation appreciates and encourages programs that assist students in need.

St. Marys School: St. Marys School, a private Catholic School that accepts students of any faith, received two grants to address their growth and desire to be “best in class.” The first grant will be used to fund an ongoing project: upgrade classrooms and other facilities. The second grant is to assist in updating the Social Studies curriculum, furthering the objective of providing the highest quality education for their students. With the award of these grants, the Seabrook Community Foundation encourages the school to achieve their objective.

Museum of the North Beach: The Museum of the North Beach has undertaken a very large project to relocate to a new facility. The relocation means a new building – a replica of the original Moclips train depot. As this building process continues, the Museum had the opportunity to buy a large assortment of museum quality display cases. To assist in the purchase, dismantling, moving and storage of these cases, the museum was awarded a grant by the Seabrook Community Foundation. The Foundation expects the new museum to be a shining star for the North Beach, sharing an amazing history and culture.

Children’s Advocacy Center: The Children’s Advocacy Center provides support for children 13 years and younger when they are victims of sexual assault. The center provides legal support, counseling and other assistance for the children and their families. The Children’s Advocacy Center was awarded a grant to provide justice system support. The Seabrook Community Foundation thanks the Children’s Advocacy Center for their difficult and very important work.

Making a Difference for Grays Harbor Kids: This small organization has been featured in The Daily World and Grays Harbor Talk. Joe Cornell and his wife, Beverly through their charitable organization, have been providing clothing, school supplies and toys for children in need in the Grays Harbor community for 40 years. They work with a shoestring budget to provide necessary essentials to kids through schools, churches and work with community leaders. The Seabrook Community Foundation supports their efforts and is pleased to award this grant to facilitate their hard work.

The Seabrook Community Foundation is grateful and appreciates all of the requests for grants.
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