Grays Harbor Community Hospital Employees Become CHEST Certified

October 2016 - The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) of the American Hospital Association (AHA) announces a new certification that will set performance and knowledge criteria for environmental services technicians and provide the means to ensure frontline employees are thoroughly prepared for service in healthcare. The Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technician™ (CHEST) credentialing program will strengthen organizations with a well-trained, skilled, entry-level workforce.

AHE has partnered with a national education design firm to conduct a nationwide job analysis of the typical duties and responsibilities of a healthcare environmental services technician, and develop a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on three essential components of success for frontline workers – critical thinking, ethics and technical skills – which are also three key attributes and abilities employers look for in their employees.

The program has been structured on the Train-the-Trainer model. AHE will teach and empower instructors throughout the nation’s hospitals and various healthcare settings to conduct training in their own institutions, thereby significantly reducing the cost of training and eliminating accessibility issues, while still delivering content in a face-to-face, direct learning environment.

Our very own Sami Williams, Housekeeping Supervisor, was one of the first in the country to complete the Train-the-Trainer portion of the program which has allowed her to begin educating our housekeeping staff to be CHEST certified. The first group of GHCH employees who have successfully completed the training, passed the test, and are now CHEST certified are Mona Fillo, Jacqueline Dickhoff, Jeff Jarreau, Josh Gerber, Cindy Stone, and Angela Mathews. Not only are they the first in our hospital, but they are the first in the State of Washington to be CHEST certified! Way to go to our Plant Services Department for being on the cutting edge of education to ensure that we are doing all we can do to ensure patient safety and to provide excellent patient care. The second group of employees to begin the training will be Tiffany Linth, Danny Taylor, Bambi Shope, Diana Jarreau, and Heidi Willard.