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Greater Grays Harbor Inc. Announces February Business of the Month - Performance Chemicals LLC

Pictured left to right Front row: Dion Baratti, Andy Hall, Jim Beerbower, Rob Farrar, Becca Foster, Shannon
Daniel, and Doug Seath / Back row: Daryl Johnson, Amber Olomon, Robinette Eddy, Christy Vessey, Hunter
Larson, Gaby Mas, Wally Sande, and Wendy Goldsmith

March 2017 - Vertellus Performance Chemicals LLC, formerly known as Ventron, has been providing jobs in Grays Harbor since 1975. The company adheres to high safety standards which is apparent in the quality of how their plant is maintained. When asked what leadership means to them, Jim Beerbower states “keeping the focus on environment, safety and being a good neighbor, all while making a quality product.” Over the years, the Elma Site has pursued new opportunities for growth by diversifying their offering both locally and across the globe. Specialty applications include the paper and pulp industries, pharmaceutical markets, as well as other specialty chemical applications.

This thriving international company has customers in over 50 countries. Their employees work hard to maintain their award winning facility, while also giving back and serving the community they live in. Collectively, Vertellus serves over 20 non-profits and causes around Grays Harbor.

When asked why Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. is important to their business, Jim Beerbower states “Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. has been helpful in developing business partners within the County, which has been beneficial to both us and to local businesses. Many of the repair shops, electrical companies and other businesses have been important to our success and livelihood. We find Grays Harbor as a great location to do business”.

Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. also learned that Vertellus Performance Chemicals LLC has mentored industries throughout the state, one of those being REG Biodiesel in Hoquiam. Thank you, Vertellus, for the great jobs you provide to the community and for being part of making Grays Harbor a great place to live, work and play.

For additional information, please call (360) 532-1924.