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May Organization of the Month – WEfish

May 2016 - Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. is pleased to announce WEfish as May Organization of the Month.

The GGHI Ambassadors presented WEfish with “May Organization of the Month” award for serving the fishing families of Grays Harbor and beyond. The WEfish team includes: President Molly Bold, Vice President Laura Roehrich, Treasurer Adrienne Jones, Secretary Marci Hollingsworth, Jody Pope and Shirley Urquhart.

Upon accepting the award Molly Bold said, “We help small business owners…the fishermen realize their ‘American Dream,’ and these businesses are sustainable and passed on for generations. We are here to support and help them grow.”

WEfish is a non-profit supported through private donations from the community, membership dues and business partners. They do various fundraisers including a cookbook that you can purchase through their website. If you would like to support their continued work, you can make a donation online.

To learn more about the history and work of this great organization please visit their website: www.wefishwa.com

The Organization/Business of the Month is based on excellence in image, employee relations, community services, support of Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. and customer service. Only 12 of these prestigious awards are presented each year.

Pictured Here: WEfish members in photo - as follows from Left to Right: Ryker Jones, Nash Jones, Adrienne Jones, Josh & Laura Roehrich, Anna Roehrich, Betsy Bold, Duke Bold, and Molly Bold / GGHI Ambassadors Left to Right: Mike Michener, Mimi Reeves, Christy Vessey, Caty Thompson, Larry Burgher and Josh Burgher

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