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Welcome New GGHI Board Members Clarinda Underwood, Jon Martin and Penny Eubanks

Greater Grays Harbor would like to welcome Penny Eubanks with Pasha Automotive, Clarinda Underwood with the Quinault Nation and Jon Martin with Martin Bruni Liquor to the Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. Board of Directors.

Penny Eubanks

Photograph courtesy of
Pasha Automotive

The automotive industry first intrigued Penny Eubanks when she was just 18, later paving her path to the Port of Grays Harbor, in Aberdeen WA, where she is the current Operations Manager.

Upon graduation of high school, Penny began working at an auto body shop before branching out to Porsche and Ford dealerships. At the time, she was also dabbling in fashion design and merchandising, designing her own purses and apparel. However, Penny was soon bitten by the “automotive bug” and her career began on the fast-track.

At the dealerships, Penny began as a parts cashier, then moved into the office and was promoted to customer relations manager, service advisor, and then inventory manager. She’s always been eager and willing to take on new challenges.

Years later, Penny followed a new calling in operations when she joined the PAS team in National City. She quickly saw an opportunity to streamline communications between operations and billing—and a exciting, next step for her career.

In 2010, Penny jumped at the chance to help with the launch of a new automobile processing facility at Grays Harbor in the lush, green Pacific Northwest. Before she moved, however, several friends had tried to explain how much it rains and that it’s green for a reason.

“You really don’t appreciate how much it does rain until you’ve been here through an entire winter,” she notes. “I was told it was obvious I wasn’t from around here because the rain just drips off a true Washingtonian. I was soaked head to toe, no matter how hard I tried to stay dry.”

Since then, Penny has adapted nicely to her beautiful surroundings of water and green trees. She enjoys seeing all of the wild elk and deer, and has even seen a bear walking down the road towards town. In fact, she now spends more time out on the river or ocean than she ever did while living in sunny San Diego.

Clarinda Underwood

Originally from Taholah, WA, Clarinda is a Quinault Tribal member and a graduate of North Beach High School. Prior to attending North Beach High School, she attended schools in Taholah, Moclips and Pacific Beach.

After graduation from high school, Clarinda attended Grays Harbor College where she received her A.A. degree. She went on to receive a B.A. in Public Relations, Communications, and Mass Communications from Central Washington University.

Clarinda has worked in many positions throughout her life including waitressing in Aberdeen, working as a Bureau of Indian Affairs Realtor, advertising sales for The Daily World, a personal assistant for the Chehalis Tribe, and other positions for the Quinault Nation Housing Authority and the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

Since 1990, Clarinda has worked for the Quinault Nation Planning Department as a secretary, planning technician and mediator with the 20 Year Comprehensive Plan’s development.

Clarinda has served nine years on the Quinault Land Timber Enterprise Board, which was the main funding source for the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino. Additionally, she has served four years on the Taholah School Board and four years on the Quinault Business Council. She was recently re-elected to another term on the Quinault Business Council.

Since 1993, she has been the Editor of the Quinault “Nugguam” newsletter. Today, she continues to write and take photos for the publication.

Clarinda is recently remarried and has three sons.

Jon Martin

Born in Everett, WA, Jon Martin is a Pacific Northwest Native. After graduating with his B.A. in Communications from Western Washington University, Jon worked for 23 years with the McDonalds Corporation as a Field Service Manager for the Northwest Region covering Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Currently, he is the Director of Operations for Hanner Enterprises, which operates several McDonalds in Grays Harbor and Pacific County.

Jon and his wife, Kim Martin, moved to Ocean Shores seven years ago. In 2012, the couple opened Martin Bruni Liquor in Ocean Shores. Since opening, they have expanded by adding a second liquor store in Montesano and opening an online store. Jon is also an active member of the Washington Liquor Store Association where he serves as the Vice President.

Jon also serves as a member of the City of Ocean Shores City Council where he serves on the Finance Committee.

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