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Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. CEO resigns

May 16, 2014

Callie White

Marketing & Communications Director, Greater Grays Harbor, Inc.

Tim Gibbs, CEO of Greater Grays Harbor, Inc., tendered his resignation to the board at last night's meeting, citing his need to be closer to his family in Kentucky.

"It has been a great privilege to lead this organization," Gibbs said. "This is not a choice I made lightly, and I will miss Grays Harbor."

Gibbs has been CEO of GGHI since it began in January of 2012; before that he was the executive director of the Grays Harbor Economic Development Council, which, along with the Grays Harbor Chamber of Commerce, formed the single organization.

Gibbs leaves GGHI in a position of strength, with growing membership and collaborative partnerships with local governments, businesses and non-profits.

"Tim's work has set Greater Grays Harbor up for success. He has worked tirelessly, building relationships with so many partners for economic development in our area," said Larry Kahl, Past Chair of the board and COO at Grays Harbor Community Hospital. 

Mike O'Dell, Board Chair, noted that last year the board underwent a strategic planning process, identifying goals for GGHI.

"We know what the challenges are that lie ahead, and we have a plan to meet those challenges," O'Dell said. "Tim was a steady guide in the days when the merger was new, but now, we're a mature organization that is equipped to go forward into the future, and that's in no small part due to his leadership skills these first few years."

At the meeting, the board formed a search committee to look for Gibbs' replacement. The board agreed that it will be a nationwide search.

"Tim set a really high bar, and we want to find someone who can lead this organization and all of Grays Harbor," said Donna Rosi, Vice Chair and General Manager at Grays Harbor Radio.

GGHI events and everyday operations will continue as usual, Kahl emphasized.

"Tim was a great find, and we’ll miss his talent and skills. He helped us move the bar forward, and left us in a better position than we were. He helped us become a better organization, combining a Chamber and and EDC into a financially strong organization with influence in the community ," said Randy Ross, Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer at Bank of the Pacific, and former Board Chair. “Although we are saddened by his departure, we know it’s the right thing for him. We’ve learned a lot from him. Now it’s time to move into the next chapter, and we will find someone who can move us to the next level.”

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