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Tony Stark locates Stark Resilient World HQ in Aberdeen

May 25, 2012

Callie White

Marketing & Communications Director, Greater Grays Harbor, Inc.

Tony Stark, billionaire industrialist, inventor, philanthropist, noted ladies man and superhero, has chosen to locate his sustainable energy initiative Stark Resilient world headquarters in Aberdeen, Wash., as seen in Invincible Iron Man #517.

Located in Grays Harbor County, Aberdeen and the surrounding region has a growing reputation for its green industries. Imperium Grays Harbor, a biodiesel plant, NewWood, which mixes recycled plastic and leftover wood to form insect- and weather-resistant boards, Harbor Paper, which uses biomass to help power its recycled paper mill, Paneltech, which uses recycled paper to create durable countertops and even military shielding, and Cosmo Specialty Fibers, which also gleans electricity from biomass, are all examples of Grays Harbor industries that are finding use in products that would otherwise head for the landfill, or are making strides in reducing their carbon footprint.

Coastal Community Action Program, a local non-profit, erected four 1.5 megawatt windmills in the South Beach area, and now receives a portion of its funding from the sale of green electricity.

And the strong Pacific tides along Grays Harbor shores have long been looked at as potential sources of sustainable electricity, garnering a pilot study from the local Public Utility District.

“We are pleased to learn that Iron Man has decided to locate such an important branch of his company to the sustainability hotbed that is Grays Harbor,” said Callie White, communications director for Greater Grays Harbor, Inc., the regional economic development council and chamber of commerce. “We think he can learn from our companies’ use of biomass, and maybe encourage some tourism by bringing in his Avenger friends.”

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