Greater Grays Harbor Events

Leaders Banquet: Business Recognition Awards

Check out the Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. winners for Non-Profit, New, Small, and Large Business of the Year. Let the winners tell you their story, in their own words, of who and what their business is and the impact their business has on the Harbor.

EXPO Grays Harbor

Greater Grays Harbor, Inc., your regional Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Council, hosts the largest trade show in Grays Harbor. It is a great opportunity for businesses to show off their products and services to thousands of community members and to meet other business members.

Business Week 2011

Greater Grays Harbor makes In-School Business Week possible for Aberdeen High School students. It is often their first experience learning how business and capitalism work, and they get hands-on lessons in budgeting, developing a product and getting it to market.

Business Week 2010

Seniors from Aberdeen High School describe their experience in In-School Business Week, where they formed "companies," made up business, production and marketing plans for their own product, and competed for investment dollars at a trade show, all with the help of local business people. This is a great program, and we are so grateful to be a part of creating business leaders right here on the Harbor!

Business After Hours

Ever wondered why you should attend Business After Hours? Kelly May of the Ocean Shores Ramada says one meeting gave her the introduction she needed to take her business to new heights of prominence.

‪Grow Leaders 2011‬

If you are wondering why you should be a part of Grow Leaders 2011, here are Larry and Lorna talking about the impact Leadercast had on their lives over the past few years.